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Canada’s Astronaut David Saint-Jacques Just Sent His Very First Message From Space

David Saint-Jacques is the first Canadian in space since 2013.
Canada’s Astronaut David Saint-Jacques Just Sent His Very First Message From Space

After leaving Earth early yesterday morning, Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques has made his first communication from space. In a call with his family and others at the Russian launch site, Saint-Jacques revealed his first impressions of outer space so far. 

As you can imagine, this once-in-a-lifetime experience is more incredible than we can probably put into words. But Saint-Jacques tried. He told his family that so far he is "astounded" by everything.

The French-Canadian said in his phone call with his family, which was in French, that seeing his first sunrise in space was completely breathtaking. He also said to them "I am completely astounded by everything I have seen." 

He continued by saying that this is only the beginning of his discoveries and awe that lies ahead of him over the next six months. 

Saint-Jacques and the other two astronauts, from Russia and the US, who blasted off with him yesterday will be manning the International Space Station for the next six months, returning to earth in June 2019. 

Saint-Jacques is the first Canadian to go to space and live on the International Space Station since Chris Hadfield, who became known for his iconic space tweets. While Saint-Jacques shared before his voyage that he wouldn't be providing the same level of entertainment that Chris Hadfield did, he has retweeted a few Canadian Space Agency tweets since arriving there. 

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LIVE – Hatch opening and welcoming aboard the @Space_Station! #DareToExplore

December 3, 2018

Canada's latest astronaut is expected to keep in touch with us here on earth, especially his family, throughout the duration of this trip. On Christmas Day he will even be able to video chat with his family and open some Christmas gifts he took up with him. 

Source: Vancouver Sun

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