Canada's Creating The First System To Bring Driverless Cars Straight Right To Your Door

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Ontario Editor
Canada's Creating The First System To Bring Driverless Cars Straight Right To Your Door

In the past year, the Government of Canada has been working towards making the nation a greener and more technologically advanced place to live for Canadians. In recent news, it was announced that in a step towards making Canada greener, the government will be funding the world's first-ever automated pick-up parking system. This system will allow for driverless vehicles to be sent towards a resident's front door, limiting the need for car ownership. 

In a press release from Natural Resources Canada, they state that the government of Canada will be investing $2.4 million into this project to help test the world's first automated electric vehicle system. This parking building will be built and tested in the London community of West Five by s2e Technologies. 

This system will allow driverless zero-emission cars to offer automated valet service for members in the London community. This means, that residents of the community will be able to order a car right to their door, just like a valet service would do. The only catch is that the car drives there itself. 

These driverless vehicles will be shared throughout the community, and would eventually lead to reducing the need of owning your own car. Once prompted, these driverless cars will show up right to your door, where you can then hop in and go where you need to be.  

What makes this investment even cooler, is that this automated garage will be the first of its kind, not only in Canada but in the entire world. While it has still not been announced when the garage will be fully operational, the Government of Canada hopes that this new technology will help advance the nations green future. 

Ady Vyas, Vice-President of s2e states that "The funding announced today for the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstration (EVID) project will allow us to develop the world's first electric vehicle automated parking facility: so we can demonstrate that this kind of future is not just possible but just around the corner."

However, this operation isn't only for the convenience of residents. While it will make those in the London community feel as if they are living in the future, the Government of Canada reveals that this investment is mainly to help Canada reach its goals for a greener nation. 

With the cars in this program zero-emission, not only will they reduce the amount of pollution they are creating in the community, but they will also help to encourage Canadians to use this program instead of owning a car of their own. This will overall reduce the amount of pollution in the community. 

The garage in London will be tested to see if Canadian communities can support this kind of technology. If this test is successful, Canadians may start seeing these garages popping up in their neighbourhoods. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor