Canada's Brand New Ultra Low Cost Airline Will Officially Be Selling Tickets This Month

Flying within Canada has never been cheaper!
Canada's Brand New Ultra Low Cost Airline Will Officially Be Selling Tickets This Month

If you haven't already heard, WestJet has created a brandnew ultra low cost airline that will be soaring through the skies of Canada starting this summer! Their goal is to make air travel simple, affordable and accessible for every Canadian who wants to travel, which is pretty amazing.

Once they officially start rolling out their flights this is going to change the way Canadians travel forever! We've all been complaining for years about how expensive travelling within our own country is and Swoop Airlines is here to solve that problem for us.

You may be thinking, well this must be a scam, right? It actually isn't! This airline basically works like an 'à la carte' airline service where all you're paying for with their base fee is your seat on the aircraft. Prices for these seats are as low as $29!

Once you pay the base fee for your seat on the aircraft you can then add additional options like seat selection, in-flight snacks, wifi, movies and checked baggage for an extra cost. But if all you want is a spot on the plane and all you need is a small carry-on you'll be able to soar across the country for super cheap!

Swoop Airlines have officially be selling tickets since February 1st! Their very first flight on this date will be flying from Hamilton to Abbotsford in British Columbia for a super low price.

After their inaugeral flight on June 20th from Hamilton to Abbotsford they'll be releasing more flights across Canada! Currently the only cities they will be flying to are Halifax, Hamilton, Edmonton, Abbotsford and Winnipeg but that's just the beginning.

They've already promised that they'll be releasing more destinations in the very near future. For right now you can explore these Canadian cities for cheap and soon you'll be able to explore everywhere else!

Via Fly Swoop

Check out theirwebsite for more information and to book your cheap flights!

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