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Canada's Climate Change Plan Is One Of The Worst In The World

People are not happy about it.
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Canada's Climate Change Plan Is One Of The Worst In The World

Did you think that Canada was leading the charge when it comes to climate change or at least doing a pretty good job? Well, according to a new study that isn't the case. A report by Climate Action Network says that Canada's climate change plan is one of the worst and that is not welcome news for Canadians. 

The report put out by Climate Action Network France looked at all G7 countries and the European Union ahead of the annual summit in France this weekend. 

Unfortunately, Canada is one of the worst among G7 nations, tied for second last place with Japan. If you guessed that the U.S. was in last place you'd be right. 

"This shows that G7 countries are not doing enough as seven of the most important economies on Earth," Eddy Pérez, international policy analyst for Climate Action Network Canada, told Narcity.

The G7 includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the U.S. and the UK. 

The Climate Action Network report, originally in French, states that Canada's current climate change plan would see global temperatures rise by more than 4 C and it is unclear how Canada plans to achieve its climate change goals. 

"We still have the opportunity to implement policies that allow us to change the course and avoid the worst impacts of climate change," said Pérez.

As news of the report hit social media, many were not too pleased with Canada's climate change action and people didn't hold any punches when talking about it.

Even Jagmeet Singh commented on the news today on Twitter.

But tehnically it's not all bad. 

The report does mention that Canada has taken some good initiatives when it comes to climate change like moving away from coal, committing to reduce emissions by 30 per cent by 2030 and being part of the Carbon Neutrality Coalition. 

"Domestically, Canada has actually made some progress since 2016," said Pérez. "[But] when we look at Canada's contribution to the global response, it is extremely insufficient."

The biggest take away from the report is that Canada and basically every country in the world needs to step it up when it comes to climate change. According to Pérez, hope is not lost and there are still things nations can do. 

"If leaders are going to the G7 to show off we're not going to accept it. It will be unacceptable for G7 leaders to say that they're climate champions when we know that all those countries domestically are not doing enough to respond to the climate crisis," said Pérez.

Not only will climate change be front of mind at the G7 summit, the report even states that climate change will be a key issue in the upcoming federal election happening in October.

The 45th G7 Summit is happening in France from Aug. 24 to Aug. 26.

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