Canadians are gearing up for the holidays, and that means that they are going to be having a lot of different items and packages delivered. While most of Canada's delivery services do their best to get things where they need to be on time, it's not a perfect system, especially this close to Christmas.

According to a report from, 2019 — just like every year — is likely to see some delivery delays. That goes for both Canada Post and FedEx.

There were definitely bigger issues during the holiday in 2018 due to the rotating CUPW strike that went from October 22 to November 27. However, 2019's holiday season could see its own share of delays due to some of the bad winter weather that's expected in December. 

Two of the cities that could be facing the biggest delays are Toronto and Montreal, according to the report. Other largely populated areas could also be affected by delays.

While the average delay rate across provinces could be 12.5%, major cities could see their delay rates reaching 20%.

Even though Canada's delivery services shared their own holiday delivery schedules, it might be good to consider sending any packages a bit earlier just to be safe.

If you think that you can just rely on overnight or 2-day shipping options, you might want to rethink your strategy.

According to, these options are "expected to perform worse than their inexpensive counterparts, despite the higher cost."

While you might also be thinking that something like FedEx is going to easily outperform Canada Post, also says that this isn't true.

Without any striking workers to slow things down, the Crown corporation is expected to perform on par with FedEx.

If you haven't sent your Christmas packages yet, you may want to get on top of it. You can never account for everything, after all!

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