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Canada's Federal Election Candidates Are "On Tinder" In A Hilarious Instagram Post

Canada's federal election candidates have gotten their own satirical Tinder profiles in a hilarious new Instagram post. The federal candidate's Tinder profiles were created by the staff at We Need To Talk About This, a newsletter and blog for women. Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, and Jagmeet Singh all got their own mock Tinder profiles, and honestly, they're not entirely flattering.

According to the first panel in the post, these profiles can be used as a last-minute guide to determine which candidate should get your vote. Sure, it's a little bit last minute, considering that the last day for voting is taking place today, but the profiles are still entertaining.

Anyone who has swiped through Tinder knows that finding the right match can take quite a bit of time. Maybe voting with a swipe to the right or left would be easier, but it might also mean that you would have to go through quite a few profiles to find the right leader.

Good thing these posts are just satire and not real life! Keep reading to see just what kind of things make it into each party leader's profile.

First up is Justin Trudeau, whose profile is not exactly flattering. Some might argue he's probably not the worst date that you might see on a dating app. "He is the: self proclaimed feminist dude friend talking over you at a party," the profile reads right off the top."

The profile briefly touches on his broken electoral reform promise, while also saying that he is for "banning assault rifles, abortion protections, and really great hair."

The final line of the profile also says not to invite him to your Halloween party, which is probably a reference to Trudeau's blackface scandal.

Next up is Andrew Scheer's profile, which right off the bat says "white privilege, but make it forgettable." The profile then says that Scheer claims to be for "God (the Catholic kind), tax reductions, relaxed handgun restrictions, and Cream of Wheat."

The profile also references Scheer's insistence that the Liberals would legalize all hard drugs if they are elected. 

The profile concludes "I won't come to your pride party even if you did invite me. No one ever does."

Finally, Jagmeet Singh gets his own profile, which appears to be the most positive of all three. The profile claims that Singh is "the one chosen by Drake and Rihanna," and that he looks as expensive as his policies sound. It also says that he is "here for a good time, not a long time."

Of course, there's a lot more to Singh, Trudeau and Scheer's platforms than what is listed above. Don't forget that these profiles are entirely satirical. They are completely made up and do not present accurate or full descriptions of what each party leader's stands for.

If only it were that easy, right? Well, voting already is pretty easy, and there's still lots of time to get to the polls and cast a ballot!

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