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Most Canadians Think The Federal Election Is Gonna Get Real Nasty, Real Soon

A new poll has suggested the 2019 federal election will be full of 'negative' vibes.
Most Canadians Think The Federal Election Is Gonna Get Real Nasty, Real Soon

With the next Canadian federal election now just 74 short days away, a new study has suggested that Canadians are feeling somewhat apprehensive about the fall election, and are expecting this to be the ‘most negative’ election that the country has seen in years. According to a new poll from Nanos research, commissioned by CTV News, an overwhelming 85 per cent of Canadians think that the upcoming October election is likely to be more negative, or somewhat more negative than its predecessors. In other words, this next election could get nasty! 

1,000 Canadians were surveyed at the end of July, and asked whether or not they thought the upcoming federal election had any negative vibes about it. It turns out, most people interviewed agreed they did feel October’s election had some bad blood, as only 8 per cent of people surveyed believed it would be less negative than elections gone by. A whopping 85 per cent of Canadians polled agreed that the 2019 election had at least some kind of bad vibes surrounding it, and seven per cent said they weren’t sure.

It seems that the Canadian public are not the only ones feeling the tension as the fall election draws nearer, as both the Liberal and Conservative leaders have also commented on the feeling of ‘nastiness’ in the run-up to October's election. 

According to CTV News, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a comment last year explaining that he expected the 2019 election to get heated, but noted that he wouldn’t be the one engaging in it. In response, Andrew Scheer took to Twitter to tell Trudeau, “We know who will make it nasty.”

Tensions have been escalating further in recent weeks, as the two leaders have taken to social media to swipe at one another. On Twitter, Andrew Scheer has made several attempts to drag Trudeau over the past week or so, however not all of them have been successful.

Scheer was first called out on his ‘hypocrisy’ when he tweeted that Trudeau had “embarrassed Canada on the world stage” after wearing cultural clothing during a trip to India. Canadians quickly responded to the Conservative leader, sending him multiple pictures of when he had done the same thing.

Only a day later, Scheer took his second swipe at Trudeau, tweeting, “Stopped to film a video in Toronto this morning and ended up meeting so many of you who have been let down by Justin Trudeau.” Again, the tweet didn’t quite receive the feedback Scheer would have hoped for, as the majority of responses were focused on the straight-up bizarre photos of Andrew Scheer standing in bushes that accompanied the tweet.

The poll also asked Canadians which issues were most likely to influence their votes, with the number one issue turning out to be the environment and climate change. In response to the open question, more than 27 per cent of Canadians found those to be the “most important” issue when deciding which party to vote for.

With the election drawing nearer, it remains to be seen how ‘nasty’ things are going to get. That said, if the last few months are anything to go by, both leaders will be heading into October with their fists-up.