Gord Downie Is Trending As A Top Choice For The New $5 Bill But Not Everyone Agrees

They could call it a "Gordie."
Canada's Five Dollar Bill Redesign Consultation Has People Voting For Gord Downie

With the Bank of Canada allowing Canadians to vote on who they'd like to see on the new five-dollar bill, there have already been a few suggestions. Canada's five-dollar bill currently features Sir Wilfred Laurier, but one of the suggestions is a far cry from a former Prime Minister.

One of the names that has popped up in Twitter discussions about who to include on the new banknote is none other than Gord Downie, the lead singer of The Tragically Hip who passed away in 2017 from a brain cancer called glioblastoma.

A similar kind of public consultation on new bills previously led to Viola Desmond, a Canadian civil rights activist, being included on the $10 bill.

While that consultation was specifically asking for a famous Canadian woman, the latest one is asking only for any famous Canadian to be nominated.

If Gord Downie is chosen it wouldn't be the first honour for the late lead singer.

The Tragically Hip currently have a street named after them in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario. There is also a pier on Lake Ontario named after Gord Downie himself.

While other suggestions have included Terry Fox and even Don Cherry, Gord Downie appears to be yet another popular choice. His name began trending on Twitter on January 10 following the announcement of public consultations by the Bank of Canada.

"I hear the bank of Canada is looking for a new person on the $5 bill. I nominate Gord Downie," wrote @RyReality.

"Dear Bank of Canada, No need to waste a ship load of tax payers dollars on this one... The answer is clear. The late, great Gord Downie should be the one on the new 5 dollar bill. If I need to explain why, please resign," wrote @iqnetcom.

Some other Twitter users have even suggested that with Downie's face on the bill, people could start calling it a "Gordie."

"Putting Gord Downie on the $5 bill or coin and calling it a "Gordie" could perhaps be the most Canadian thing ever," Twitter user @Jebus_2011 said. 

Of course, there was some disagreement on Gord Downie's nomination for the $5 bill.

"Sad that from all Canadian history, all people can come up with is Gord Downie," wrote @the_stevesimon.

"Put Mary Two-Axe Earley on the $5. Gord Downie doesn't need any more plaudits, nor does Gordie Howe, terry fox is a fine choice but he has a day each year. Mary fought the government to give indigenous women equal standing under the law," suggested @axematty.

It's anyone's guess as to who will grace the new $5 bill, but at least there is a healthy debate!

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