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Canada’s New Heritage Minute Is An Emotional Love Story & The Video Will Give You Chills

It's all about the liberation of the Netherlands.
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Canada's Heritage Minutes New Installment Has A Sweet Love Story From WWII

Now, this is just so sweet. Canada's Heritage Minutes got a new installment that features a touching love story from World War II between a Canadian soldier and a Dutch civilian. This comes on the anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazi occupation.

Historica Canada has released a new Heritage Minute video on May 5 to commemorate the country's role in the liberation of the Netherlands.

It also celebrates the bond between the two countries that formed because of that and lasts to this day.

In 1944 and 1945 during World War II, the Canadian Army was tasked with liberating the Netherlands from the Nazis.

The video tells the story of that freeing through the eyes of Lieutenant Wilfred Gildersleeve of the Seaforth Highlanders and Marguerite Blaisse, a Dutch civilian.

During the minute-long history lesson, Gildersleeve and Blaisse's separate stories are shown before they finally meet after the country is freed.

Blaisse's father wanted her to bring soldiers back to their home to thank them; she invited Gildersleeve and the rest is history!

After the war, the pair married and moved to Vancouver where they had eight children together.

The Prime Minister also commemorated the new Heritage Minutes installment by sharing the video on social media.

According to the CBC, Gildersleeve and Blaisse were able to go back to Amsterdam to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the liberation in 1980.

They both passed away in 2001.

Juliana Leahy, the couple's daughter, told the news organization that the family was stunned by the video.

"They would be very proud, but it would be in a very, kind of, understated way," she said about her parents. "They were very, very humble kind of people."

During the war, the Netherlands' Royal Family came to Canada for safe haven before their country was liberated.

Since 1945, Canada has gotten tulips from the Netherlands as a thank you gift.

Heritage Minutes have been released since 1991 and every installment depicts a significant person, event or story from Canada's history.

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