Your California Dreams are closer than you know! There's an insane restaurant near Toronto where you can actually go surfing. Oasis Surf will totally transport you to a warm, lush, tropical beach without ever having to get sand in your shorts. 

Whether you live to catch waves or you've never been on a surfboard, this place is perfect for beginners and experts alike. They have a special pool that uses "surfstream" technology to recreate actual waves that you can ride! Surrounding the surf area is a beachy restaurant so you can watch other surfers while you eat.

This place will give you the feeling of being on the beach in Cali. Grab drinks by the pool and munch on Baja fish tacos while being thousands of kilometres away from Venice beach! You can order off their menu or book a food and surf package depending on what you're up for. Everything on their menu is totally inspired by the beach and will give you a blast of tropical flavour as fresh as a cool wave sprays on your face.

For newbies, they have a surf introduction and food package that gives you a two-course meal plus surf instructions for $69. This would make for an epic weekend getaway, birthday celebration or special treat for making it through the winter this year!

Oasis Surf is in Brossard, Quebec and it's about a six-hour drive from Toronto. Totally worth a trip for those beach bums trapped in the city! Surf sessions start at $39 per person, check out their website for more details and to see all the ways you can surf'n turf.