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Jagmeet Singh Told Maxime Bernier To His Face That He Shouldn't Be At The Debates (VIDEO)

Singh said Bernier's ideas are "hurtful to Canada."
Canada's Leaders' Debate: Jagmeet Singh Told Maxime Bernier That He Shouldn't Be There

The 2019 Leaders' Debate allowed all of the candidates from each of Canada's federal parties to speak, sometimes all at once. While it might be hard for people to choose a clear winner, there was one moment when a candidate truly spoke his mind about another. During Canada's Leaders' Debate, Jagmeet Singh told Maxime Bernier that he should not be there at all.

The moment came after Maxime Bernier, leader of the PPC, confronted NDP leader Singh, saying, "You said that you didn’t want me to be here on the stage to have a discussion with you. You’re for diversity, but what about diversity of opinion?"

Bernier followed up that question by asking, "Are you believing in free speech only when people are saying things that you want to hear?"

Singh seemed to have his answer ready, as he quickly responded, "After a couple of minutes of this debate tonight, I think people can clearly see why I didn't think you should deserve a platform."

Singh then claimed that Bernier was inciting hatred and division, and also brought up Bernier's insults against teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg. Bernier interrupted Singh, claiming that what he was saying wasn't true, he just wanted to have a debate, but Singh continued speaking.

"It shows a lack of judgment," Singh said. "You don't deserve a platform, and I'm happy to challenge you on that because your ideas are hurtful to Canada."

Jagmeet Singh had previously sent a letter in September to David Johnston of the Leaders' Debate Commission, requesting that Maxime Bernier not be included in the debate.

"It is wrong that Mr. Bernier be given a platform to promote an ideology of hate that spreads prejudice and disinformation," Singh wrote, according to HuffPost Canada, again citing his insults against Thunberg, as well as Bernier being photographed with "far-right hate groups with neo-Nazi ties."

"These are not the actions of a person who has earned the privilege of promoting their agenda on a national stage," Singh wrote.

Jagmeet Singh seemed to impress Canadians with the shade he was throwing at the debate, and it remains to be seen if the NDP will pick up any steam before the October 21 election.

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