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Canada's Long-Range Winter Forecast For January & February Is So Snowy

Nobody will escape the snow.
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Canada's Long-Range Winter Forecast Is Very Snowy

Depending on where you live, you might have already had winter weather for a while now. But with the season only officially starting recently, there's still a lot more left in store for us. Canada's long-range winter forecast predicts snowy conditions for the next two months across Canada. If you're not a fan of winter you'll have to hope for an early spring.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, people across the country can expect a snowy and sometimes cold January and February. 

While there are regional differences when it comes to specific conditions, winter is here and it could shape up to be a classic one.

The Almanac's long-range forecasts predict the weather for the next two months and can be used to plan things like wintertime sports, travel and more.

For southern B.C., January is expected to have an average temperature of -1 C, which is 2 C below the usual temperature for the month and a normal amount of precipitation, 200 millimetres. 

In February, the region will see an average temperature of -2 C, a little below normal and higher than average precipitation.

People there can expect rain or snow with brief periods without active weather to enjoy.

In Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, people can expect periods of snow and freezing cold in January with temperatures hovering around an average of -15 C, only a couple of degrees below normal.

February will be pretty similar in the Prairie provinces with snow and cold but the sun will still manage to shine in between those periods of precipitation. 

For southern Ontario, conditions will flip flop between cold and mild temperatures and snow and rain.

The region is expected to get above-average precipitation in both January and February so whether that's rain or the white stuff will depend on the temperature.

In southern Quebec and the Ottawa region, there will be colder periods in the next two months that are broken up by some milder weather.

However, that doesn't mean that the region is off the hook when it comes to the white stuff. 

Snow showers, flurries and snowstorms are all expected in January and February.

For Atlantic Canada, temperatures will be mostly cold for the next two months but February will see brief periods of milder conditions.

The average temperatures will hover around an average of -7 C in the region with snow and sometimes rain coming down.

It doesn't seem like anyone in Canada will see the season pass them by completely. 

If you're not a fan of winter, spring officially arrives on March 19 so you can hope the change in season brings a quick change in the weather!

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