We're quickly approaching the end of summer and that means the Labour Day Long Weekend is right around the corner. Of course, Canada's long weekend weather varies depending on where you are in the country. And unforunately only one region has weather that makes the grade.

The Weather Network has released a report card for long weekend weather across Canada and gives each region a letter grade based on how their forecast is looking. Unfortunately, some regions performed better than others. 

For instance, the best grade goes to Atlantic Canada, with the region getting an A-. Meanwhile, across the country, the prairie provinces got the worst grade of them all with a C+. 

We would have hoped to see better weather conditions country wide for the last long weekend of the summer but you can't always get what you want.

Here's the forecast and grades for this long weekend weather.

Atlantic Canada

Grade: A-

The maritimes have the best grade when it comes to this weekend's weather. There will be lots of sun and heat for southern parts of the area. There will be a cool down on Sunday and holiday Monday but the temperatures remain seasonal. Enjoy!


Grade: B

Temperatures can be expected to be below seasonal but still in the low 20s with sun. Southern Quebec stays dry but there is a chance of rain further north so keep an umbrella with you.


Grade: B-

Below normal temperaturse are expected across the province and there's chance of passing showers in southern Ontario and rainfall moving across the north on Sunday and Monday. Nights will be on the cooler side and many parts of northern Ontario will see single digit overnight temperatures. You'll definitely need a sweater if you're spending time outside at night.


Grade: C+

While temperatures could reach 30 C in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, widespread rain and a dip in temperatures on Monday is the reason for such a bad grade. It's probably best to plan some indoor acitivites.


Grade: B

B.C.'s southern interior has the warmest weather for the beginning of the holiday weekend but temperatures cool down for Monday which stopped the province from getting that A grade.

As we head into the Labour Day Long Weekend, be sure to check your local weather forecast throughout the weekend for more up to date conditions.

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