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Toronto Isn't Even Close To Being Canada's Most Dangerous Capital City

Canada's top 10 "most violent" cities are not where you'd expect!

Maclean’s magazine have officially revealed their new study into Canada’s most dangerous places in 2019, and the results may really surprise you. While you might expect some of the country’s biggest and busiest cities to top the list, it’s actually some of Canada’s smaller communities that experience the most violent crime.

On November 19, Maclean’s magazine published their new study into Canada’s Most Dangerous Places, and they ranked hundreds of Canadian communities from "most dangerous" to "least dangerous."

The list has been compiled by considering the violent crime statistics per capita from all of the places on the list. While some of Canada’s major cities do make the list’s top 50, the country’s most dangerous places definitely seem to be small towns — some of which must have pretty scary violent crime figures!

Taking the top spot as the most dangerous place in Canada is Thompson, in northern Manitoba. They had the highest rate of violent crime in Canada for the last four years in a row, which is pretty bad news for this community of just 14,535 people.

According to Maclean’s, it has the highest rates of homicide, assault, sexual assault, cocaine trafficking, and youth crime.

In close-second is North Battleford in Saskatchewan, followed by Portage la Prairie in Manitoba.

The Prince Albert area of Saskatchewan and Quesnel in B.C. round-off the country’s top five worst places for violent crime, respectively. 

Of the top 50 locations in Canada for violent crime, 31 out of 50 were west of Ontario, with almost all of the list's top 10 located in the west.

The first provincial capital city to make the list is Winnipeg, which is ranked at number 13. Edmonton then places at number 25, followed by Fredericton at 26 and Regina at 28.

Perhaps surprisingly, Toronto doesn’t make the list until number 39, while Vancouver is all the way down at number 59.

Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, doesn’t place until number 107, while the Quebec City area has dropped all the way down to number 117 on the list.

When it comes to Canada's lowest violent crime rates, it seems there is no safer place than Thames Centre in Ontario, which comes number 237 on the list. 

In the bottom 10, most of which are in Ontario, there's also North Grenville, Essex and LaSalle, all of which have extremely low crime rates in comparison with the rest of the country.

Overall, it seems that Ontario did pretty well in Maclean's list, while western Canada seemed to take many of the top spots.

You can find Maclean's full list of "Most Dangerous Places in Canada" by clicking here.

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