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The Most Expensive Houses In Each Province Have Drastically Different Price Tags

They range from under $3 million to over $30 million.
Canada's Most Expensive Houses Have Drastically Different Price Tags

When it comes to the lifestyles of Canada's rich and famous, we usually only get to dream about it. Of course, there is one way to peek behind the curtain, and that's by exploring the listings of Canada's most expensive houses. Across the country, multi-million dollar mansions are up for sale but it turns out the price tags differ greatly depending on what province you're in. 

For example, in Alberta, a home that was recently placed on the auction block was described as the most expensive home in Calgary. When it sold in 2013 it fetched a record-breaking $11.1 million. The house, which once was owned by the CEO of Shaw Communications is inspired by New York City's architecture and specifically the Guggenheim museum. 

Now, it's listed for $10.88 million but it's also about to go up for auction. As of November 12, bidders will be able to put in offers on the house and three days later the home will be sold to the highest bidder, no matter what the price is. 

While this is one of the most expensive and luxurious houses in Calgary at nearly $11 million, in some other parts of Canada that price tag is relatively cheap. Here's what some of the most expensive houses in the other nine provinces look like and how much they're selling for. 

$40 Million In Beautiful BC

[image 5dab42d59cd2c8271e1a3508]

Not only is this the most expensive houses in British Columbia but it's also one of the most expensive houses in the entire country. With a listing price of $39.98 million, it features seven bedrooms, a pool, wine cellar, gym and aquarium.

Less than $10 Million In Saskatchewan

[image 5dab461e6fda922713828326]

This house has a similarly modern, aesthetic to the most expensive house in BC, but with a much lower price tag. Listed at just $4.6 million this house comes with panoramic views of the city and even an elevator in case stairs aren't your thing.

Barely Multi-Millions In Manitoba

[image 5dab47576fda922713828347]

While the most expensive house in Manitoba just cracks the "multi-million price tag" level, it's still not the cheapest most expensive house in the country. At $2.28 million it includes a massive piece of property and more luxury bathrooms than anyone could know what to do with.

Ontario's Lakeshore Luxury For Over $20 Million

[image 5dab496c9cd2c8271e1a35b6]

Ontario is home to some of the most expensive houses on the market, especially when it comes to Lakeshore living in the GTA. This mansion is one of the most expensive at $21.99 million. For that price, you get an indoor pool, home theatre, elevator, and a multitude of kitchens.

An Entire Quebec Village For $18.8 Million

[image 5dab53c66fda922713828489]

In case a luxury mansion isn't good enough, an entire farm, or rather a village is for sale in Quebec. The $18.8 million property features its own beach, an adorable house, a church that was converted into a house, two old schoolhouses, and a number of other accessory buildings.

New Brunswick Beachfront For $3.8 Million

[image 5dab561ec57f2326ba167dfe]

While New Brunswick isn't the biggest Canadian province, you can still get some big houses there. This $3.8 million dollar listing is one of the province's most expensive and includes beachfront access, a pool, and a private health centre and spa.

Nova Scotia's Finest For $6.8 Million

[image 5dab57f66fda9227138284de]

According to the listing, this $6.8 million property is regarded as one of Nova Scotia's finest. It features a private beach, a boathouse, a separate guest house, and massive manicured grounds.

PEI Palace For Just $3.92 Million 

[image 5dab598ac57f2326ba167e42]

As seems to be the theme with the Maritimes' most expensive properties, this is another one on the waterfront, but this time in PEI. At $3.92 million, the house, which looks like an actual castle, features an amazing circling staircase and massive windows.

$2.99 Million For Luxury In Newfoundland

[image 5dab5f49c57f2326ba167eb9]

[image 5dab5f606fda922713828579]

Regular houses in Newfoundland are among some of the cheapest in Canada so it's no surprise that it's most expensive house is among some of the cheapest in Canada too. Listed for $2.99 million, the house includes a grand staircase, a sauna, a full bar, and more.

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