Over the past year or so, TikTok has skyrocketed to success, bringing some of Canada’s most popular TikTokers along for the ride. According to Business Insider, the app reached an astounding 1.5 billion downloads as of November 2019, and it only continues to grow.

Of the many accounts on the viral video-making app, one that you’ll definitely want to consider following features an adorable 88-year-old from a small town in Alberta named Jenny Krupa.

Krupa’s handle is @its_j_dog and although she’s the star of the videos, Business Insider reports that it’s actually her grandson, Skylar, who manages the account and comes up with the hilarious ideas for the videos.

Skylar told Business Insider that at first, he began posting the videos privately on TikTok for his cousins and other family members to see. One day though, he accidentally uploaded a video publically and it received about 1,000 views in 15 minutes.

Business Insider also reported that despite her grandson trying to explain the app to her, Jenny isn’t really too concerned with how many views and followers they get. “We’ll get 5 million views, but she doesn’t care,” Skylar said.

Some of the Alberta duo’s hilarious videos have received millions of likes on the platform.

As far as the creative process goes, Skylar explained to Business Insider that he’ll “come up with an idea, explain it to them, [they’ll] practice word for word, and then shoot.”


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Skylar also said that his grandma usually takes several takes to get it just right, but she finds the mistakes hilarious. His grandpa, who also makes the occasional appearance on their TikTok page usually only needs one take.


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Since they began their video-making journey, Skylar and his grandmother have amassed over 700,000 followers and 24 million likes and those numbers only grow as they continue to put out more hilarious content.

Another popular Canadian account belongs to Ontario YouTuber Kristen Hancher, who has an incredible 23 million followers on the app.