Canadians Still Don’t Trust Tim Hortons As Much As Before, Despite All The Big Changes

Tim Hortons still hasn't gotten its groove back.
Canadians Still Don’t Trust Tim Hortons As Much As Before, Despite All The Big Changes

Tim Hortons once again fails to clinch a top spot as one of Canada's most trusted brands 2019.  The company continues to struggle in its quest to redeem itself in the eyes of Canadian customers. This is according to the fifth Gustavson Brand Trust Index (GBTI) that was released this past week.

The GBTI, which measures Canadian consumers' opinions about a wide range of brands, assesses consumer levels of brand trust and advocacy. The 2019 GBTI measured the opinions of over 7,200 Canadian consumers on 313 national brands, across 26 different product categories.

The results of last year's GBTI suggested that consumers weren't ready to "forgive and forget" Tim Hortons' employee mistreatment scandal.  In 2018, Tim Hortons fell from the #27 spot to #203 out of nearly 300 brands surveyed. The company's diminished status was a huge blow and surprise to everyone, especially considering Tim Hortons was voted the most trusted brand in Canada in 2015.

This year, Tim Hortons made some progress with its consumer trust ranking. From last year's #203, Tim Hortons climbed its way to #136. Although definitely an improvement, the brand is still nowhere near its former top status, where the company sat during its glory years.

But it wasn't all good news for Tim Hortons this year. The brand's score for innovativeness also slid down the rankings compared to its 2018 results.  The poor score is rather shocking, as Tim Hortons has been continuously investing in ways to prove its ahead of the curve.

The company has been rolling out new products throughout 2019. Tim Hortons also launched a new loyalty rewards program and announced major changes in the company's packaging, coffee, and sustainability initiatives.  Tim Hortons also announced its plans to revamp Roll Up the Rim.

But despite all of these changes, Tim Hortons still hasn't completely won back the hearts of Canadian consumers. Last year, Tim Hortons found itself in hot water for its mistreatment of employees after the company cut paid breaks, paid benefits, and other incentives as a result of the minimum wage increase in Ontario.

However, Tim Hortons did see increases in its employee treatment score and its local community support score, which were once the cornerstones of the brand's value-driven corporate image.

The companies that topped the 2019 GBTI were Mountain Equipment Co-op, the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), Costco, Home Hardware, and Home Depot.

Wondering which brand is perceived to be the least trustworthy? Facebook found its way to the very bottom of the GBTI rankings, while Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter were among the ten least trusted brands in Canada.

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