111-Year-Old Who Died From COVID-19 Was One Of The Oldest People In Canada

She was born in 1909.
Canada's Oldest Women At Risk As 111-Year-Old Succumbs to COVID-19

The ongoing pandemic is continuing to take its toll. While everyone is at risk, the elderly are especially vulnerable. One of Canada's oldest women is the latest victim of the virus.

In an April 24 tweet, CTV reporter Avery Haines confirmed that 111-year-old Foon Hay Lum had passed away from COVID-19, among others at the Mon Sheong Homes for the Aged in Toronto.

"One of the oldest women in Canada has just died of Covid 19. Foon Hay Lum was 111," Haines wrote, "Her death brings to 26 the number of victims at her LTC home this month. She survived the Spanish Flu, wars, the Cultural Revolution- and she died in isolation in Toronto tonight."

Haines continued, saying that the information was provided to her by Foon Hay Lum's granddaughter, Helen Lee.

"That nursing home needs help, they need staff. They need specialists," Lee told Haines, "They cannot do it on their own anymore."

As of April 24, 25 Mon Sheong residents had died as a result of COVID-19, according to CTV News.

In an April 9 Facebook Post, the Mon Sheong Foundation had asked people to provide donations of PPE and other medical supplies for its residents and frontline workers.

The premiers of Ontario and Quebec have both requested urgent military aid from the federal government to combat the ongoing crisis taking place in long-term care homes, where COVID-19 has been especially rampant.

"Our women and men in uniform will step up with the valour and courage they have always shown," Trudeau said in an April 23 address, "But this is not a long-term solution. In Canada, we shouldn't have soldiers taking care of seniors."

In some cases, elderly people have managed to recover from the virus. Recently, a 92-year-old woman in Newfoundland was able to get better after testing positive for COVID-19.