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Canadian Airlines Are Fighting Against The Passenger Bill Of Rights

Canada's Attorney General does not think their case should go forward.
Canadian Airlines Are Fighting Against The Passenger Bill Of Rights

The latest set of rules laid out in the passenger bill of rights is not making everyone happy. Namely, some of the major Canadian airlines. Air Canada, along with Porter, two industry groups, and 15 other airlines are fighting against the passenger bill of rights. The group filed a legal challenge to the bill, which includes offering up to $2,400 to passengers who are bumped from flights.

The group of airlines claimed in their filing that the regulations set out in the bill of rights exceed the authority of the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA). They also argued that the bill of rights is in breach of the Montreal Convention. 

However, Canada's Attorney General, David Lametti, has called the filing "ill-founded." According to the Canadian Press, he believes that the case should be completely dismissed. Likewise, the CTA will argue that the appeal should be dismissed if it makes it to court.

The passenger bill of rights comes at a time when customer frustration with airlines is high. In February 2019, Air Canada went back on a promise to a passenger to provide an $800-voucher for giving up his seat on a flight. Instead, they only offered him a 15 percent discount on a future flight.

Other people have expressed annoyance at Air Canada's treatment of its passengers on Twitter.

Still, some passenger advocates say the new bill of rights doesn't go far enough to protect consumers. Passengers still have to provide just cause for compensation, and usually, that information stays with the airline.

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