Each and every Canadian province and territory is represented and lead by a Premier. This past week all 13 of them got together in Saskatchewan and for the first time since 2008, it became very evident that Canada's Premiers don't include any women. In fact, there's a photo to prove it and Canadians find it all rather depressing. 

The meeting took place in Saskatchewan, where the group of 13 premiers headed to Big River First Nation to meet with Indigenous leaders before heading to Saskatoon for closed-door meetings at a local hotel. 

Given the closed-door nature, we won't know what exactly was discussed at these meetings but experts suspected the conversations would focus on pipelines, trade and the economy, and of course the carbon tax. What we do know for sure about these meetings is that there were no women at the table. 

That's because, ever since Jason Kenney won in Alberta earlier this year, all 13 provinces and territories have been governed by a man. The Premiers are as follows, in no particular order: 

  • Doug Ford, Ontario
  • Francois Legault, Quebec
  • Stephen McNeil, Nova Scotia
  • Blaine Higgs, New Brunswick
  • Brian Pallister, Manitoba
  • John Horgan, British Columbia
  • Dennis King, Prince Edward Island
  • Scott Moe, Saskatchewan
  • Jason Kenney, Alberta
  • Dwight Ball, Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Bob McLeod, Northwest Territories
  • Sandy Silver, Yukon
  • Joe Savikataaq, Nunuvut

To celebrate their meetings, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe tweeted the above photo. When Canadians saw it though, they weren't celebrating. Instead many saw the photo and the lack of female representation in our provincial and territorial governments depressing and embarassing. 

To make matters even worse, out of the 13 provinces and territories, there are four that have never had a female Premier. Those are Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. 

As for anyone who is depressed by this photo, all that's left to do is get out and vote and hope the next election restores some gender balance.