Prime Minister Trudeau held a leader's meeting on Tuesday to discuss Canada's rail blockades. However, he did not invite opposition leader Andrew Scheer. The same day, Scheer took to Twitter to express his feelings about Trudeau's actions in the form of a clip from The Simpsons.

"ICYMI: A short summary of Justin Trudeau’s response to the illegal blockades:" the Conservative leader wrote. He included a clip from the eighth season "Treehouse of Horror" episode. In particular, the scene came from the segment "Citizen Kang."

In it, President Clinton (who has been replaced by an evil alien) says, "Tonight I say, we must move forward, not backward. Upward, not forward. And always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom."

Earlier in the day, Scheer had criticized Trudeau in the House of Commons, saying his position on the protests had made things worse.

According to CBC News, he said the protesters were holding the Canadian economy hostage, and that Trudeau's position had made them more important than "hard-working Canadians."

Trudeau defended his decision to leave the opposition leader out of the meeting held with all of the other party leaders, saying "Mr. Scheer disqualified himself from constructive discussions with his unacceptable speech from earlier today," as reported by the National Post.

This isn't the first time that the Conservative head has shown his Simpsons fandom on Twitter, having previously made references to the show in 2019.

Responses to the post were mixed. Some users responded with criticism of Scheer's take on the situation, while others showed appreciation for the inclusion of the clip.

"PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Andrew Scheer. Call in a no-confidence vote! We want you to lead us out of this corruption that has fallen upon us. If it were not for the medling and interference from Obama and Trudeau you would be our PM!! WE STAND BEHIND YOU PLEASE SAVE CANADA NOW!!!" wrote @rustypenny_wood.

"What's sad is you've hit rock bottom. You've alienated every other leader, isolated yourself from meetings & from the PC party itself & now allow your feed to spew nonsense. The entire country is watching you unravel in real time. Might want to hand your phone to your wife," replied @BransfieldRob.

In the original The Simpsons episode that spawned the clip, Bill Clinton and his opponent in the 1996 election, Bob Dole, have been replaced by alien doubles.

In the end, the people of Earth are told that they must vote for one of the invading monsters because of the two-party system. That, or they can "throw their vote away" on a third-party candidate.