Trudeau Hinted At Canada's Re-Opening Plan But Said We're 'Not Out Of The Woods'

Even "startups with bean bags" should have safety measures.
Canada's Reopening Plan Will Leave Economic Decisions To the Provinces

Normalcy is still a ways off. However, the Prime Minister has now hinted at Canada's reopening plan. It will take time, and there will be rules, but it seems discussion about how to start the economy back up will be taking place.

In his April 24 address to Canadians, Justin Trudeau said that he would be meeting with the premiers to discuss principles and guidelines for reopening the economy safely.

This would include the right levels of testing and contact tracing across each province.

The Prime Minister also noted this would include workplace safety, whether people work in cubicles or "a startup with bean bags."

In this regard, he said that what those measures will look like would be left up to provinces and local jurisdictions.

"Canada is a vast country, and some regions have been hit harder than others during this pandemic," he said. "We're a federation, so we have to adapt our response to the realities and challenges of each province and territory."

Despite the announcement of this meeting to move forward on the economy and how to reopen businesses, the Prime Minister reiterated that this change will still take time, and that "we're not out of the woods."

"It's absolutely critical that everyone continues to follow local public health instructions as we move forward," he said, noting that the familiar instructions of staying home, washing your hands, and maintaining a safe distance from others remain the same for all Canadians.

Trudeau had previously said that it could be weeks before there were any talks about reopening the economy.

In addition, Canada's chief public health officer said that there is no proven path to a new normal.

During the address, Trudeau also announced further financial assistance for businesses in the form of a 75% rent subsidy for the months of April, May, and June.