Canada Has A Secret Vault Full Of Maple Syrup In Case The World Runs Out

It's the one thing you don't need to stock up on!
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Canada’s Secret Maple Syrup Vault Is So Huge That You'll Never Have To Stockpile It

If there’s one thing that Canadians apparently don’t need to stockpile, it’s maple syrup. Canada’s secret maple syrup vault contains around 80,000 barrels of sticky goodness, and it’s there to help us out during a crisis. There may be no toilet paper, medication or hand sanitizer left in the country, but we’ll always have something to put on our pancakes!

Following the global outbreak of COVID-19, some Canadians have been stockpiling supplies from local stores.

As stocks of toilet roll,hand sanitizer and canned-goods are completely selling out across the country, there’s one thing that Canada will apparently never run out of.

If you think you can’t live without maple syrup, you’ll probably never have to, thanks to our huge secret vault in Quebec.

Located in the town of Laurierville, there’s a gigantic warehouse, and it's fully-stocked with nothing but barrels and barrels of Canada’s favourite glucose.

The reserve is there to stabilize the price and supply of maple syrup, and to ensure that we’ll never run out when we need it!

While this all seems pretty ridiculous and hilarious, the secret stash is actually pretty serious business. In fact, ounce-for-ounce, the syrup is worth more than oil!

Canada’s Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve is built up by Quebec’s maple producers, who are required to donate a portion of their product to the reserve every year.

Last year, the warehouse was stocked with 80,000 barrels of the sticky stuff, and its estimated worth was upwards of $130 million.

As the province produces more than 70% of the whole world’s treacle supply, you can be confident that there’s plenty of it stored in the stash.

If this wasn’t already the most Canuck thing ever, there’s something else!

In 2012, the reserve was compromised, in what became known as “The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Robbery.”

More than $18.7 million worth of product was stolen from the inventory, and 26 people ended up being arrested.

It’s believed that the stock was stolen to be sold on the black market. Only in Canada, eh?!

So, when you’re stocking up on toilet paper, medication and hand sanitizer this weekend, remember that there’s one thing you’ll never need to worry about stockpiling.

Your pancakes are going to be just fine!

Helena Hanson
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