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Canada's Spring 2019 Predictions Are Here And They're Really Depressing

The predictions for Spring 2019 in Canada are here and they couldn't be more depressing.

After a few weeks of crazy weather in Canada you are probably starting to ask yourself, when will it all end? Thanks to the Farmer's Almanac we have the answer to that question, but it's not great. Their predictions for Spring 2019 in Canada are here and they are really depressing. In fact, at this rate spring is almost non-existent. 

According to the Famer's Almanac, which has been providing long term forecasts and weather conditions in 1792, the weather this spring is going to be cold and wet. The Almanac has a general description of how the weather will look for the rest of the year across Canada but they also have a more in-depth two-month forecast that breaks down the weather on a pretty much weekly basis. They have different forecasts for each of Canada's provinces and territories, except for Nunavut. The Maritimes and Newfoundland are also all grouped together as are the prairies. 

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Right now they have revealed the forecasts for February and for March, which also happens to be the official start of spring. The first day of spring comes on Wednesday, March 20th this year but you wouldn't know it based on their forecasts. Here's what each part of Canada can expect this spring. 

Atlantic Canada: 

  • The first day of Spring: rain to snow, flurries, cool temperature
  • April and May: cooler and drier than normal

Southern Quebec: 

  • The first day of spring: rain to snow, flurries, cool temperature
  • April and May: rainier and cooler than normal

Southern Ontario:

  • The first day of spring: snow showers in the east, sunny in the west, cold
  • April and May: cooler than normal, above average precipitation

The Prairies: 

  • The first day of spring: snowy and cold
  • April and May: cool and rainier than normal

Southern British Columbia: 

  • The first day of spring: rain and snow showers in the north, rain in the south, cool temperatures
  • April and May: below normal temperatures with above average rain

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  • The first day of spring: clear in the north, snowy in the south, milder temperatures
  • April and May: rainier than normal, above-normal temperatures, below normal snowfall

Northwest Territories: 

  • The first day of spring: flurries and very cold temperatures
  • April and May: cooler and rainier than normal, normal snowfall

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If there's any glimmer of hope in these forecasts, it's that an El Niño event has officially been confirmed. This natural warming of the ocean typically can lead to warmer winters and springs, especially in Western Canada.

Unfortunately, it won't have too much of an impact. The El Niño is more likely going to mean more rain in the spring. Essentially, the depressing forecasts above are more likely what you'll get for spring this year.