Google Canada's Top Searches Of 2019 Prove The Raptors Matter More Than The Election

They beat them in almost every category.
Canada's Top Google Searches in 2019 Put The Raptors Above The Federal Election

What did Canadians want to know about in 2019? If there's something that can answer that question, it's Canada's top Google searches for the year. According to the search engine's data, what mattered most in The Great White North in 2019 was the Toronto Raptors.

Out of the top 10 Google searches by Canadians in 2019, the Toronto Raptors and Kawhi Leonard took the number one and two spots, respectively. At number three was Canada's election results.

That means that even during an actual election year, the Raptors' historic NBA championship win mattered more than who was going to lead the country.

Even when it came to news searches, the election could not unseat the Toronto team as the most-searched topic in the Great White North. However, this time, it came in second rather than third.

Even though Canadians probably wanted to know about the people who were running in the election, the most searched person in Canada was still Kawhi Leonard

There were two categories where election topics were more important. The number one search term beginning with "how" was "how do I register to vote?"

At number three in the same category was "how many seats are needed to win a majority?" Coming in fourth was "how many games are in the NBA finals?"

In the category of searches beginning with "who," the most burning question was "who should I vote for?" Right behind that was "who won the Raptors game?" Apparently, those were the only things people were thinking about in 2019.

When it came to the most searched Canadian, rising tennis star Bianca Andreescu took the top spot, followed by Don Cherry, Jagmeet Singh, Andrew Scheer, and Mitch Marner.

Finally, in the category of "why" questions, the top spot went to "why is Toronto called the 6?" While it's not directly related to the Raptors, many may have been hearing the city's nickname a lot for the first time.

Coming in fifth was "why am I so tired?" Honestly, we'd all like a straight answer to that one.

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