You Have To Join This Massive Real-Life Treasure Hunt Across Canada This Summer

Explore Canada, find the treasure🍁
You Have To Join This Massive Real-Life Treasure Hunt Across Canada This Summer

We're no stranger to contests and hunting for treasures in Canada. After all, most of us grew up fantasizing about the day we rolled up our Tim Horton's cup and discovered that we'd won something other than a free small coffee or doughnut. Canada's treasure hunt is happening right now and there are so many prizes and treasures up for grabs!

The Great Trail Treasure Hunt is underway for its second year right now. There are 200 treasure boxes hidden across Canada waiting to be found! They're hidden in every province and territory and anyone who finds a treasure box and enters the contest gets a chance to win prizes. The real prize, though, is the hunt itself and the chance to get out and explore our beautiful country.

What's The Great Trail? It's the world's largest trail network including over 24,000 kilometres of trails that connect Canadian communities from coast to coast. This geocaching-style treasure hunt is a fun way to find yourself out on a trail this summer.

Anyone who loves geocaching is going to go crazy for this treasure hunt. Each box you find brings you another step closer to winning the grand prize! Check out their prizes page to see everything you could win, but I'm eyeing that one-month supply of Cliff Bars and Nikon Coolpix pretty hard.

With 200 treasure boxes to be found, you're bound to come across one. Every box you find is another chance to win their grand prize—an expedition cruise for two from One Ocean Expeditions. Plus, the first person to find each box gets a special coin prize inside from the Royal Canadian Mint!

The Great Trail Treasure Hunt

When: Now until Sunday, August 18

Price: Free!

Why you need to go: Hunt for treasure boxes in this Canada-wide geocaching party and get chances to win epic prizes!