Canada's Winter Forecast Predicts A Viciously Snowy & Crazy Cold Season

Get ready for a rough winter.
Canada's Winter Forecast For 2020 Says It's Going To Be Viciously Cold & Snowy

Canadians are gearing up for yet another cold and snowy winter. The country has already gotten a taste of what's to come, and according to the Weather Network, Canada's winter forecast for 2020 is looking like it's going to be even snowier and colder than it already has been.

While the east and west coast will see normal to above-normal temperatures, most of the country is going to be in for a pretty harsh winter for the next few months.

"This fall has featured several rounds of historic winter-like weather from the Rockies to the St. Lawrence Valley," The Weather Network's Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott said in a release.

"While cold weather hasn't locked in yet, all indications point toward a harsh winter ahead for much of the country with periods of severe cold and significant winter storms."

The Prairies, Ontario, and Quebec, especially, should be prepared for a winter that will make everyone long for spring. 

Saskatchewan and Manitoba are going to see some of the worst winter temperatures, while Alberta will at least get a few periods of milder weather.

Ontario and Quebec will see colder than normal temperatures this winter, with Ontario expecting to get some massive snow dumps throughout the season.

Ontario is set to get hit by a massive winter storm that will not only bring more snow but also freezing rain. 

The lake effect will also add to the amount of snow in Ontario and Quebec, at least until February.

Northern Canadian residents can expect a pretty typical winter, with some of the warmer west coast weather creeping up and keeping some of the more freezing temperatures at bay.

The Atlantic provinces can also expect to see a typical winter with cold temperatures and snow. However, some of the more southern and eastern regions will experience periods of milder temperatures that are likely to bring more rain than snow.

Winter weather has already reared its ugly head in Canada, leading to hundreds of traffic accidents over one weekend in Edmonton. It's also prompted some truly Canadian reactions from people in Toronto reacting to the first snow of the year.

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