One of the best things about summer being over is that it means Halloween is right around the corner. Store everywhere have already been stocking the shelves with the candy, costumes, and other scary merch but with October 31st just over a month away, the spooky season is about to be turned up a notch. 

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While Halloween itself may only be one day, the festivities are going on all month, the biggest of them being Canada's Wonderland Halloween Haunt! I hope you're ready to scream because this year's Haunt starts this weekend. 

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Halloween Haunt takes place over 14 days this year, with the first night being Saturday, September 29, from 7 pm to midnight. And this year Halloween Haunt is going to be more terrifying than ever before. 

With over 700 new monsters, live shows, and mazes, the Haunt is really ramping up the scare level. This year's event also features six scare zones, including the brand new Wicked Hollow, an enchanted forest that's been plagued by a dark and evil curse. 

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Canada's Wonderland is warning that the Halloween Haunt isn't suited for children under 13 years old, but the park also offers Halloween themed kids shows and events during the month of October as well, so the whole family can gear up for the holiday. 

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The park is also warning guests that anyone wearing costumes, including face paint, will not be allowed into Halloween Haunt as a safety precaution. 

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Halloween Haunt takes place throughout the month, ending on Halloween night. You can buy your tickets online ahead of time to receive a $16 or if you're a student you can get $15 dollars off admission at the gate every Friday Haunt night.