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Canadian Actor Ryan Reynolds Talks About His Weirdest Fan Interaction Ever And It's Completely Messed Up

Celebrities meet TONS of fans in their lives so it’s impossible for them to actually remember every single fan interaction they’ve ever had. 

But some of them must be simply strange and weird and stick in their mind forever. 

Canadian actor, and Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds recently talked about the strangest interaction he’s ever had with a fan and it’s beyond weird.  

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This happened while he was on a plane, the actor says. Also on the plane was a couple off to their honeymoon, but the bride was not feeling well at all, he says. 

“The bride became very ill – not just throwing up ill, but really painting with her internal organs," he says. 

It was so bad that when the plane actually landed the newly married woman had to be stretchered off, but that’s not what the husband was concerned about.  

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"She was taken off the plane on a stretcher it was so bad. As her new husband followed her out he spotted me and shouted, 'Deadpool. High five!’” 

Reynolds wasn’t really sure what to think about this, he said. 

"It was a surreal moment – firstly, I didn’t want to high five him just in case he was infected and secondly, he seemed to have no concern for his dying wife!”  

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Yikes! We hope that woman got over whatever was making her so sick. 

But if you want to make an impression on a celebrity so they remember you that’s how to do it.

Source: MSN