There may be another reason why Drake got emotional while showing off his new Private Jet on Instagram 2 weeks ago. No one questioned Drake's ability to afford "Air Drake", but new reports have come out and Drake might not have actually bought his $100 Million private jet. TMZ has reported that a Canadian Airline gifted Drake his private jet

Cargojet is the Canadian airline that helped Drake out with this massive brand deal. They believe that giving the rapper one of their jets will, in the long run, promote their company and bring more money to them. 

If you forgot how big the private jet actually is, apart from having Drake's OVO owl logo on the side, it's furnished inside with rose gold carpet, large cushioned seats, comfortable couches, and it even has a bedroom! There's no denying that the jet itself is convenient, especially for quick trips in between Raptors games, but it couldn't be completely free right? Wrong.

All Drake is required to do is snap some photos in it for social media. The easiest $100 million ever. The spacious interior of the OVO private jet has no restrictions for full out photoshoots either. Maybe Drake will make Cargojet ecstatic and use his new air ride for a music video one day.