When you're at a sporting event in Canada you can almost always hear the crowd belting out that familiar tune along with the anthem singer. However, you might not expect the same to happen in America. After some technical difficulties at a hockey game, something amazing happened. The Canadian anthem was sung by fans at an NHL game in Detroit after the singer's mic died.

Before puck drop at the Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Canadiens game on January 7, the arena experienced technical difficulties when the anthem singer's mic stopped working during O Canada.

The game was being played in Detroit so you probably wouldn't expect the crowd to then belt out the rest of the anthem but that's just what they did.

Since the city is so close to Canada, there were probably some Canadian fans in attendance for the game but the hometown fans probably outnumbered them by a lot. 

Nonetheless, with people in the arena singing our national anthem so loudly, it almost felt like that game was actually happening in Canada and not in the U.S.

Even though the lyrics were on the jumbotron for anybody who didn't know them, it's still commendable that all those American fans were able to sing along beautifully. 

The Detroit Red Wings commended their own fans by tweeting a video of the crowd singing O Canada that also said, "thanks for being the best fans."

While the team is American, there are actually 11 Canadian players on its roster for the 2019-20 season so it must've been nice for them to hear their anthem sung loudly by the Detroit fans.

With multiple videos of the heartwarming event circulating on Twitter, many Canadians and Americans commented on how awesome this was.

One Red Wings fan tweeted, "every Wings fan knows O’ Canada ... you can’t grow up around here and not know it. I’m proud of our fans but at the same time I expected nothing less."

Another person said, "absolutely classy Detroit. Thank you."

Even though the Montreal Canadiens were winning at the end of the first period, the show of support for Canada before the game wasn't enough to help them pick up the win. 

The Red Wings bested them 4 - 3.

It's okay though. The team deserves a win with fans like that.

Keeping with the Canadian connection, because the team won, people were able to get a free 10-pack box of Timbits with the purchase of any size drink at Tim Hortons locations in Michigan.

The Red Wings will face off against another Canadian team for their next game when the Ottawa Senators visit Detroit on January 10.

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