Canadian Band Hedley Are Being Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Young Fans

The stories are pouring in.
Canadian Band Hedley Are Being Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Young Fans

Just a few days after the JUNO award nominations were released where Canadian band Hedley were nominated in 4 categories come haunting allegations that are taking over the Canadian Twitterverse. The entire band, including front-runner Jacob Hoggard are being outed by fans using the hashtag #outHedley2k18 for sexual assault and harassment towards fans as young as 14.

Update: “We are aware of the serious allegations regarding Hedley and we are following this situation very closely", said Allan Reid, CEO of the JUNO Awards, in a statement to ET Canada later this afternoon.

The discussion began on the platform after Twitter user @_cndnpsycho began sharing anonymous stories from fans of Hedley who were alleging that members of the band had sexually harassed and assaulted them. The conversation is also taking place through the #outHedley2k18 hashtag to support people who were sharing their stories.

If anybody would like to share anonymously, I'll provide a platform for you. #outHedley2k18

I promise you'll be anonymous if you'd like to share a story. #outHedley2k18

Hedley is trash. #outHedley2k18

You can choose to believe the stories or not, I'm only here to provide this platform. Thank you to everyone who has shared. #outHedley2k18

The story gets even shadier when a former drummer for the band, Chris Crippin, who had been with Hedley for 11 years before abruptly leaving last Spring posted this tweet while allegations were pouring in on Twitter against the current members of the band:

As of right now the band's official Twitter account is apparently blocking fans who are asking about the allegations, as well as the accounts posting about the allegations in the first place. These actions along with the allegations have prompted Canadians to request for the JUNO's to remove the band from the categories they are nominated in.


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