Since cannabis has become legal throughout Canada over the past year, U.S. border officials have announced that Canadians who are caught with cannabis in their possession may be banned from the country down south. As the cannabis business continues to grow across the nation, thousands of Canadians have been denied entry into the country. Most recently, one Canadian woman was just banned for life from the U.S. after medical cannabidiol (CBD) oil was found in her backpack. 

According to CBC News, the young woman, who has yet to be named, was traveling across the border into Washington when she was pulled over for a secondary search. During the search, the officers found a bottle of CBD oil in her backpack, something which the Canadian thought was legal since she used it for medical reasons. 

The woman claims that she has been using the substance daily to medically treat the side effects of scoliosis. The woman even states that when she was asked if she had a "leafy greens" in her possession, she said no because "to me, leafy greens is like marijuana,". 

She continues by saying, "I use CBD daily and it's not psychoactive, it can't get me high at the dosage that I've been told to take it at."

However, despite the fact that this product is legal in Washington and British Columbia, the woman is now facing a lifetime ban from entering the United States. She was also fined $500 for failing to declare the oil. 

According to CBC, this occurrence is a lot more common than many Canadians may think. Thousands of Canadians have been denied entry into the states for admitting that they have smoked a joint. While others have been banned from the country for life after being caught with cannabis in their possession. 

Earlier this summer, another Canadian attempted to cross the border for a summer trip when he was stopped by officials due to a cannabis-related conviction that he received in 1982. 

Once officials discovered that the man had been convicted of cannabis charges 37 years prior, he was immediately banned from the states for life. 

A Canadian weed investor was also banned for life after he was attempting to travel to Las Vegas to attend a cannabis conference. When border officials became aware of his intentions, he was banned from the states for life. 

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