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The First Canadian Beer Day Is Finally Here & Hopefully It Becomes A Tradition

Let's celebrate the Canadian beer industry!
Canadian Beer Day Is Here & It Might Just Become An Annual Tradition

Lagers, Pilseners, ales, pale ales, stouts, and sours! No matter what kind of beer you might be into, October 9 is the day to celebrate your favourites. Why? Because it's Canadian Beer Day, of course! Don't worry if you didn't know. This is actually the first time the day is being celebrated.

"Canada has always been a leader when it comes to brewing, and people recognize us as a beer country, so it's about time we have a day dedicated to the beverage we all love," Michael Brennan, President and CEO of Great Western Brewing Company said in a press release.

Canadian Beer Day will see a huge celebration take place in Saskatoon, with Beer Canada holding a launch party at Great Western Brewing Company. The celebration will highlight the impact that the beer industry has had on Canada's economy, and celebrate all of the people who are part of it, from brewers to barley farmers.

How does one celebrate Canadian Beer Day? Well, according to the official website, it's actually pretty easy: just get together with some friends, enjoy some good Canadian beer, and just have a good time. 

The official Canadian Beer Day website also has some ways to use beer in different recipes, including a stout cake and beer-marinated steak tacos (which sound absolutely delicious).

Canadians are already excited about the inaugural Canadian Beer Day, and they've shared their thoughts on Twitter.

"#CanadianBeerDay you say? I shall partake. @CowbellBrewing Kelly’s Contraption is a very nice one," wrote @ManCaveMMA.

"I must have missed the memo on #CanadianBeerDay 😮 I need to get to it and represent!" replied @kingsiu.

Some Canadian microbreweries also wished their fans a happy Canadian Beer Day. Even the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture sent their best wishes.

"Canadians are proud of our brewing history, we're great at making beer, and Canadian Beer Day gives us a chance to celebrate that together," Beer Canada President Luke Harford said in a press release

No matter what kind of beer you enjoy, make sure to have fun, be responsible, and celebrate the Canadian brewing industry. Cheers!

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