Canadian Best Friends Kelsey Serwa And Brittany Phelan Did The Very Best Thing After Winning Olympic Gold And Silver At Women's Ski Cross

Yesterday, best friends Kelsey Serwa and Brittany Phelan took gold and silver in the Women's ski cross finals. The two adorable Canadians are close friends, roommates and competitive skiers. We are so excited to see the pair take home two Olympic medals in the women's ski cross event.

Kelsey Serwa, a 28-year-old from Kelowna BC, explained that in the moments after winning she felt so incredible. "Everything today went perfect. It went according to plan, and for it to end up with an Olympic gold, and my teammate Brit and best bud to be silver, is absolutely incredible".

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The moments after winning an Olympic gold medal are unfathomable and what Kelsey Serwa did after her big win makes us love her even more! She grabbed her bestie up onto her podium and gave her a huge hug and a kiss to congratulate her on her big win! In a moment where Serwa could have focused on her own victory, she instead cheered on her best friend.

Brittany Phelan, a 25-year-old from Mont Tremblant, Quebec, credits Serwa as her mentor in the sport, and agrees that their big win was "absolutely amazing". She said, "to finish second behind my best friend and someone who has taught me everything, it couldn't have gone better."

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That's what we call true Canadian spirit! We're so proud of these two best friends and for sweeping the podium! Congratulations on your friendship and grabbing gold and silver.

Source: National Post