Canadian Ice Cream Company Recalls Sandwiches Because Of "Metal Particles" Hazard

As temperatures continue to climb across many of Canada’s provinces, and parts of the country become trapped in what is being dubbed a ‘heat dome,’ many Canadians will be looking for any kind of escape from the hot weather. One of the best ways to cool-off is by treating yourself to a big serving of ice-cream.

Despite it being prime ice-cream season across the country, one Canadian brand is recalling a number of their ice-cream products, due to a risk of “fine metal particles” that could be within them.

It was announced on Thursday that the Agropur Dairy Cooperative, usually shortened to Agropur, have issued a voluntary precautionary recall of a number of products due to what they are calling, “a potential health hazard.”

Agropur is a big dairy company, that is based primarily in Longueuil, in Quebec. The company has a number of brands under it, including Iceberg and Originale Augustin. Unfortunately, both these brands have products that have been recalled.

The specific products voluntarily recalled by Agropur include Iceberg brand 190 mL ice cream sandwiches (sold in boxes of 8), and Originale Augustin brand 190 mL ice cream sandwiches (sold in boxes of 30). According to the company, they are recalling a number of their products due to the potential of “fine metal particles” within the ice-cream.

While this sounds scary, there have been no confirmed reports of any discomfort or injury resulting from any of the recalled products.

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Agropur has also made it clear that their precautionary voluntary recall only applies to the above-mentioned products, and no other Agropur products have been potentially affected by this recall.

In their statement, Agropur confirmed that the company is, “Committed to providing high quality products and the safety and satisfaction of our consumers is our top priority.”  The notice also stated, “We are taking this voluntary action out of an abundance of caution.”

If you have any of the recalled products, Agropur asks that you promptly dispose of them. For a full refund, customers can return any recalled items to the store where they bought them from.

The company has also been in contact with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), which is overseeing the precautionary voluntary recall.

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