Superstitions go back thousands of years and get casually dropped into conversations all the time. They're usually rooted in past events with some basis of truth. Popular one includes Friday the 13th, breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder causes bad luck, and even tossing salt over your shoulder. These Canadian celebrities' superstitions will surprise and maybe even inspire you. 

Jim Carrey

Carrey has been in the entertainment industry since the early 80s but it wasn't a quick climb for him to get to the top of Hollywood's A-List actors.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, in 1985 he wrote a cheque "for $10 million 'for acting services rendered'. He post-dated it 10 years later and kept the check in his wallet." Carrey's acting dream eventually became a reality within the decade.

They also wrote that after his dad died, "he slipped the check into his father's casket." Something to consider doing if you have big goals for yourself too.

Justin Bieber

The Canadian superstar recently went through a quick hairstyle change when he dyed his hair light pink and then got rid of it and has been sporting bleached blonde hair since.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bieber first bleached his hair platinum blonde after his album Purpose came out because it was "a metaphor for his upcoming album, which he is praying will go platinum as well."

Celine Dion

The incredibly famous French Canadian singer has a superstition she shared with Las Vegas Blog that's actually incredibly heartwarming.

Dion told them that "We had Rene's hand [cast] in bronze many years ago. And today, it has become a tradition to touch it before going onstage." Her husband, René Angélil, died in 2016 and she shared her tradition a few months after his death.


Earlier this year, the sports community came up with the term "Drake curse" which notes that when he "wears a team’s jersey, they lose. When he takes a photo with an athlete, they lose" according to Toronto Life.

Although it's more of a lighthearted joke, it must've gotten into his head because Complex wrote that Drake addressed it saying, "You want me to talk about the curse or you guys good?" to reporters following a Toronto Raptors win. If you're not a huge sports fan, you might even find that your local team loses when you catch a game.

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