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4 Super Talented Canadians You Totally Forgot Were Ever Famous

A lot of people come and go from Hollywood because they get into scandals or have breakdowns, or because they just need a break. But what happens when those famous people don't rise back to fame? Most people forget about them, unless they stumble across an old movie or hear songs on a throwback radio station. Canadians are no exception, and there are so many Canadian celebrities we forgot existed

Fifteen years ago, the Canadia entertainment scene looked totally different. Back then, we didn't have Drake, Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes. A lot of the Canadian celebrities we idolized slowly dwindled as time went on. There are some exceptional celebs that only got more famous, Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling, but for the most part, they're gone.

Here are four Canadians you forgot were ever famous.

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is slowly making her way back into the spotlight after releasing her first album in six years. She took a six-year break to recuperate from Lyme Disease. She was an early 2000's icon so her retraction from fame was definitely felt. While no one ever totally forgot about Lavigne, most people stopped talking about her to the point that people born after 2004 probably don't remember her. There's a whole generation of teens that grew up without her music!

William Shatner 

Nowadays, most people know William Shatner now as the guy who tweets about TV shows on his Twitter account. While he was once a cultural phenomenon for his role in Star Trek as James T. Kirk, he has since fallen into the background and is reserved for a whole other generation. People may recognize his name if they hear it but most of the time a face isn't associated with the name. People that do still know him don't even realize he's Canadian!

Mike Myers

Canadians are well known for being comedians, and Mike Myers was huge when he was starring in movies in the '90s. Some of his most well-known films included Wayne's World and Austin Powers, but after those franchises ended, people slowly started to forget about him. While he continues working and is actually the voice of Shrek, most people don't put two and two together. We find more and more people wondering, "Who's Mike Myers".

Martin Short

Speaking of comedians, Martin Short is a Canadian icon. Short was huge on Saturday Night Live, but now when people think of Canadian actors on SNL, they think of Sandra Oh. Martin Short made a quick comeback on The Santa Clause: 3 as Jack Frost back in 2006, but it was nothing memorable.

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