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6 Canadian Celebrities Who Have Worked With Tim Hortons

Some of these are hilarious!
6 Canadian Celebrities Who Have Worked With Tim Hortons

Have you ever met a Canadian who doesn't like Tim Hortons? You may have met someone who claims not to get the hype around the famous Canadian coffee shop, but they'll be the first ones to accept the Timbit you offer them. Well, celebs are no different, in fact, because they live so far from Tim Hortons, they probably crave a Double Double more often than we do. Tim Hortons is not oblivious to all the hype made around Canadian celebrities. They work with a bunch of our favorite celebs! 

While there is usually a special occasion involved when Tim Hortons goes out of their way to create a special menu item, a lot of these celebs just organically happened to work for Tim Hortons at some point in their career. From commercials to doughnuts, to hometown heroes, Timmies has worked to make sure Canadian celebs keep their roots. These stars have also helped Tim Hortons stay on brand, preventing them from having to venture into the world of American celebs to get the advertisement they need. Here are all the Canadian celebs that have worked with Tim Hortons. 

Michael Cera 

Michael Cera's experience with Tim Hortons wasn't exactly an endorsement, he wasn't even paid! In fact, his appearance on a Tim Hortons commercial came before he even got his big break. It was his first acting gig ever. Of course soon after that though he landed his role on I Was a Sixth Grade Alien that sent him on the path he's on now.

Jason Priestley 

Jason Priestley's work with Tim Hortons was actually a complete surprise to him. Back in 2013, Priestley worked on How I Met Your Mother as himself and joked about creating a special donut called "The Priestley." Basically, the creation involved stuffing a strawberry-vanilla doughnut with a Tim Hortons Timbit. In honour of his appearance on the show, Tim Hortons created an exact replica of what was described on the show, and Priestley let them know that it was "the proudest day of my [his] life."

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is the most recent celeb to work with the coffee chain and it may be the biggest celeb campaign they've ever done. Tim Hortons created the Shawn Mendes hometown hero campaign in honour of his first sold-out stadium tour in Toronto. He filmed a commercial with Tim Hortons and even got his picture on their coffee cups. There were also limited edition Shawn Mendes reusable coffee mugs available for purchase!


DEADMAU5 actually requested to somehow work with Tim Hortons when he tweeted them asking for a custom DEADMAU5 Doughnut. The head of social at Tim Hortons saw the tweet and knew it would be great for advertisement. A few hours later they tweeted DEADMAU5 back with a photo of Timbits assembled in the shape of his iconic costume.

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir 

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were Canada's obsession back in 2018 during the Winter Olympics. With their gold medal win, Tim Hortons obviously had to do something special. When they returned home to Ilderton, Ontario, the Tim Hortons in their hometown sold special Canadian doughnuts to celebrate!

Tristan Thompson 

If you're a fan of Tristan Thompson, you have to remember the time he brought the NBA championship trophy to a Tim Hortons in his hometown of Brampton. Tristan Thompson is also an official Tim Hortons celebrity endorser. He's so Canadian he even bragged to his coach about eating 12 Timbits in one day.

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