5 Canadian Celebrity Booze Brands You Need To Try Before Summer Ends

I'll drink to that!
5 Canadian Celebrity Booze Brands You Need To Try Before Summer Ends

One thing that's becoming increasingly popular among celebrities is the expansion of their resume. Plenty of your favourite musicians and actors end up delving into clothing brands, cosmetics, and even liquor brands! Here are 5 Canadian celebrity alcohol brands that you need in your life.

Everyone from former NHL stars to rappers are hopping on the booze bandwagon, so there's no shortage of drinks for you to check out before summer comes to a close over the next few weeks.

Tom Green

You may remember Tom Green from his time on MTV, or simply from his stand up comedy. When he's not entertaining crowds though, Green is busy working on his stout, which according to most reviews, is more drinkable than most other stouts.

The drink gets its flavour from ingredients like coffee and cocoa, but it definitely isn't the kind beer that you'd want to drink every day, so be sure to enjoy it in moderation to avoid getting sick of its unique flavour.


If we're keeping it real, it only makes sense for Drake to have a liquor brand - he is known as Champagne Papi, after all. Oddly enough, Drake's drink of choice isn't bubbly, it's actually whiskey!

The brand is called Virginia Black, but the booze is actually made in Indiana. According to reviews, the drink isn't spectacular, but if you like Drizzy enough, you'll probably buy a bottle anyways.

Ryan Reynolds

If you follow Van City Reynolds on Instagram, you're definitely aware of his new company, Aviation Gin. The brand is totally his pride and joy, and you can tell by the way he regularly talks and posts about it.

A lot of people who drink this gin say it's some of the best they've ever tried because of its smooth taste. The gin also features floral notes with a distinct juniper flavour.

Wayne Gretzky

Since he's gone into retirement from the NHL, former hockey star Wayne Gretzky has kept busy making booze for his fans to drink while watching hockey, or doing anything else, really.

His company, Wayne Gretzky Estates, which has a distillery in the Niagra region, makes over a dozen wines and several whiskey products, which are widely loved by Canadians.

Dan Aykroyd

Canadian-American actor, filmmaker, comedian, and musician, can also add "distiller" to his resume. The celebrity started out with Crystal Head Vodka, which has since been banned in Ontario.

He's now moved onto making wines which have received mixed reviews, but are definitely a great option if you're looking for something on the affordable end.

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