When you think of Canadian celebrity moments of 2019, what comes to your mind? While it can be hard to sort through everything that's gone on these past 365 days, there are some unforgettable things that happened to the celebs up north this year. Not every celeb moment could make the top five but there are some honourable mentions. 

Ryan Reynolds definitely set records this year for most celebrities trolled on social media, while Shawn Mendes made some iconic memories for Canadians when he came to Toronto and performed his first home town stadium tour. 

Seth Rogen scoring a role in Lion King alongside Beyonce was also a pretty big deal, and we can't forget Shania Twain's comeback to mainstream music

Now here are some celeb moments that'll be talked about well into the next decade. 

Drake Hyping The Raptors

The Raptor's winning the NBA championship probably takes the cake for most iconic Canadian moment of 2019, but it probably would have been substantially less entertaining if we didn't have Drake cheering along with us.

The Toronto rapper spent most home games courtside throughout the year where he managed to get himself into a lot of trouble with officials.

In the earlier months, he continuously made headlines for being a little too overenthusiastic about the basketball team. He was even being criticized by people who claimed he thought he was the coach.

NBA officials eventually had to give him a stern warning.

He may not be a coach but he is an ambassador which meant when they eventually won, he got some alone time with the trophy, a custom made championship ring and a spot in the championship parade.

Shay Mitchell's Pregnancy 

Shay Mitchell hid her pregnancy better than Kylie Jenner and that's the tea.

While Jenner's pregnancy was basically common knowledge by the time she announced it, Mitchell managed to keep her secret with no suspicion for an entire six months.

After the announcement, she then proceeded to document her entire pregnancy process on her YouTube channel. We saw everything from the power ranger gender reveal to her Magic Mike baby shower.

Now that her daughter Atlas is born she still continues to show us how iconic a mom she is on her Instagram by advocating for the normalcy of breastfeeding and putting the haters in their place.

Justin Bieber's Wedding 

Although Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber's courthouse wedding happened back in 2018, their official ceremony took place just a few months ago.

The $500,000 dollar affair took place at a resort in South Carolina where the celeb-studded guest list included some of the Kardashian clan.

Justin Bieber wasn't the only Canadian thing about the reception though. Their stunning portraits were taken by a Vancouver based photographer and their wedding included a performance from Canadian singer Daniel Caesar.

Keanu Reeves' Comeback 

Keanu Reeves has been slowly returning to Hollywood over the last few years but 2019 was his year to shine. He gained an entirely new generation of fans from his work in Toy Story 4, his cameo in Always be my Maybe, and John Wick 3.

Not to mention he stepped out with girlfriend Alexandra Grant after being single for over a decade.

Now fans are counting down to what they're calling "Keanu Reeves day" in 2021 where both of his movies John Wick 3 and Matrix 4 will be released on May 21.

Jim Carrey & Ariana Grande

Canadians aren't the only ones obsessed with other Canadians. Ariana Grande wasn't afraid to show her love for her inspiration Jim Carrey this year.

Grande made her struggle with depression public and credited Carrey's words as something she was using to heal. Carrey iconically responded to the artist in a heartwarming tweet.

Grande also had the words of his character from The Truman Show tattooed.

Seeing how much of a fan she was, Carrey invited the celeb to join him as a guest star on his currently airing comedy Kidding.

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