You Can Take A Citizenship Challenge Quiz Online But Most Canadians Don't Pass

How well do you think you'd do?
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Canadian Citizenship Challenge Online Tests Your Knowledge Of Canada

Do you think you're pretty well versed in all things Canada? Well, now you can really see if you know your stuff. This Canadian Citizenship Challenge tests your knowledge about the True North. Don't get cocky though, most people who were born here who take the challenge don't get a passing grade!

Historica Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of our nation's history, has created a project aimed at testing people's knowledge of our country.

The Citizenship Challenge is a shortened, 10-question quiz to see how well you know the country and if you can get the passing grade needed to become a citizen.

While this isn't the actual citizenship test and is much shorter, it's a fun way to pass the time.

According to Historica Canada, people need to get 75% on the citizenship exam to pass and the average score for this test is only 70%.

Do you think you could beat the average?

You have 15 minutes to answer 10 multiple choice questions about all things Canada ranging from Prime Ministers and hockey to our national animal.

The challenge has way more than 10 questions in its bank, so you can take the test multiple times and get new ones to answer.

Do you know what the Iroquoian word "Kanata" means? 

How about which two Canadian cities were part of the "original six" NHL teams?

Would you be able to answer a question about who was the longest-serving Prime Minister?

If so, you're off to a good start.

Those are just a few of the questions asked in the Citizenship Challenge.

Others include, "what did the Quebec Act of 1774 do?," "what is the largest island in Canada?," "which formerly enslaved man petitioned for the creation of an all-Black military unit in Upper Canada during the War of 1812?," "what is British Columbia’s provincial tree?" and more.

After you've answered all the questions, you get your score to see if you've passed the citizenship test.

Then you can see exactly which ones you got right and which ones you got wrong.

However, if you want to keep taking the test to see if you can get a perfect score, don't check the answers!

If you don't get higher than 75% on the first go, you can always try again with a different set of questions.

Are you up for the challenge?

Lisa Belmonte
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