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Canadian Coast Guard Reminds People They Can Still Get COVID-19 On A Boat

The weather may be getting nicer, but that doesn't mean that the pandemic is over. The Canadain Coast Guard is reminding people that the rules still apply even if they're on boats. That means social distancing and checking for symptoms before hitting the water.

In a May 8 tweet, the Coast Guard issued a stern warning about not obeying the current regulations while getting on any sort of watercraft, especially with other people.

"Let’s work #TogetherApart! Public health officials have advised to only be in close contact with people living together, and that #PhysicalDistancing counts on boats too," the tweet reads.

"If you have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 or are feeling sick, you shouldn't get on a boat."

The Coast Guard also tweeted to remind people that their members have to put themselves in danger and use valuable PPE each time there's an emergency. 

They also asked people not to make any unnecessary trips onto the water.

"Mariners are always willing to help each other on the water and we're calling on their cooperation," the message reads, "help us protect lives."

The warnings come as Victoria Day approaches, even if the weather right now doesn't seem like the kind that encourages getting outside. 

Boating is an activity often associated with trips to the cottage.

However, some of Ontario's most prominent vacation towns had already urged people not to come from the city, as they could be bringing the virus with them.

Some of them have even gone as far as shutting down their amenities to discourage tourists from making any trips.

Premier Doug Ford had to walk back earlier statements he made about people being able to go out of town on the long weekend. 

However, it was revealed that Ford himself had made a brief trip to his own cottage over the Easter weekend.

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