Canadian Company Will Be The First Ever Negative Emissions Factory In The World

Carbon Engineering Ltd. is designing the first 'negative emissions' factory to suck carbon out of the air.
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Canadian Company Will Be The First Ever Negative Emissions Factory In The World

It comes as no surprise that there is an excessive amount of Carbon emissions in our atmosphere. Factories, cars and a variety of other man-made objects are contributing factors to our poor ecological footprint, which many argue could be the leading cause of Global Warming effects. Yet, one Canadian company has chosen to do something about it. Carbon Engineering Ltd. is creating the first ever negative emissions factory in the world. 

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I know most of us are probably asking the same question. What exactly is a negative emissions factory? One of the main highlights of this new negative emission factory is that it is actually sucking pre-existing Carbon out of the atmosphere that had been put there by other man-made devices.  

The company behind this is Carbon Engineering Ltd., a privately held company based in Squamish, BC. They had the dream to create a plant that would better the environment and limit the amount of carbon that is being pushed into our atmosphere. 

This technology will not only not release emissions, but also pull Carbon emissions out of the air and turn it into a liquid form which will then be stored underground. 

When commercialized, this negative-emission plant is expected to occupy roughly 30 acres of land and will get rid of "one megaton" of CO2 every year. In much simpler terms, this plant will be able to get rid of as much CO2 every year as 40 million trees can also get rid of. 

Not only will the plant be getting rid of Carbon emissions, but it is also working on another project which they call "air to fuels". This will use the carbon that they take from the air and turn into a liquid that can be used as fuels to power cars and trucks throughout the world. 

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The main goal of this company is to create a 'loop', where they can use the carbon they take out of the air to fuel vehicles, before recycling the same carbon over again. 

Since this is a Canadian private-held company, many investments have been given in order to help Carbon Engineering Ltd reach their goals. 

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In October, Bill Gates announced that he would be investing in this technology, as well as a variety of billionaires from Silicone Valley. 

The latest funding is allowing Carbon Engineering to bring it's already piloted technology to a commercial market. Carbon Engineering also plans to expand the pre-existing pilot plan in Squamish and to transform it into the first ever commercial facility. 

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Source: Financial Post