The Most Bizarre "Canadian Cuisine" Was Just Spotted At A Restaurant In Germany

It's named after Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds.
The Most Bizarre "Canadian Cuisine" Was Just Spotted At A Restaurant In Germany

Thanks to the diversity of Canada, we have been blessed with a lot of international cuisines. Whether it's sushi, shawarma, or schnitzel, there seem to be endless options from around the world. However, we don't normally think about the fact that in other countries, their menus sometimes include what's known as Canadian cuisine. That's exactly what was found in a restaurant in Germany, however. 

While in Germany, a Reddit user found a menu item that reminded them of the True North. In a picture shared to the Canada subreddit, a menu from a German burger joint features a very unique item: Canadian Fries. 

The restaurant in question is BURGERHEART,  also known as Prime Restaurant, Grill & Co. The franchise this photo was taken at is located in Wertheim am Main, southeast of Frankfurt. On their website, which is originally written in German, they say "in addition to the usual, delicious Burgerheart burgers, we also offer national and international dishes. We orient ourselves to our guests and they come from all over the globe." 

One of the international dishes they are referring to is what they call "Canadian Fries." While the name is definitely not what we are used to the dish they are serving up is actually poutine. They say, "THANKS CANADA FOR THIS TREAT. THE ULTIMATE UNION OF THE TASTIEST THINGS: FRIES, CHEESE AND SAUCE! HMMMMMMMMAMPF!" 

This isn't your average poutine though, there are two different options and each one has unique toppings on it aside from your average gravy and cheese curds. What's even more unique, however, is that these two poutines are named after Canada's famous Ryans. 

The first option is named "Fryan Gosling" and it includes fries smoked BBQ pork, Coleslaw, red onions, and parsley on it. The second option is, of course, named "Fryan Reynolds." It comes with fries, mushrooms, cream sauce, Irish cheddar, and parsley. 

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According to the menu in the photo shared on Reddit, the Fryan Gosling is available to 7.90 euros which is CA$11.57 and the Fryan Reynolds is a bit cheaper at only 6.90 euros, or CA$10.11 . 

This restaurant isn't just a one-off location either, it's actually a chain, meaning you can find Canadian Fries all across Germany and according to their social media, they have even more flavours to try, so get exploring! 

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