Canadian Dad Who Videotaped His Son's Adorable Hockey Practice Is Back At It For His Son's First Game

Mic'd Up Mason is back and better than ever.
Canadian Dad Who Videotaped His Son's Adorable Hockey Practice Is Back At It For His Son's First Game

It was over one month ago when the internet was completely won over by a super relatable 4-year-old Timbit hockey player. That was Mason, son of Jeremy Rupke, the Canadian Dad who videotaped his son's adorable hockey practice, and now has a new video out there, this time of his son's first game. 

The first video Rupke AKA Coach Jeremy made of Mason went viral after Canadians and people around the world fell in love with the 4-year-old's desire for naps and "badonalds" (McDonald's). Now Rupke is back at it again but this time here decided to mic up Mason for his first Timbits Hockey game. 

This second video was actually originally shared by Rupke on March 20, and since then it has garnered 1,224,234 views on Youtube. This time around Mason is as funny, adorable, and relatable as the first video but Rupke takes it one step further. 

Rather than just putting a microphone on his son, Rupke also has Mason wear a Go-Pro camera for his very first hockey game. The result is an almost eight minute long video of Mason skating, falling, yelling at "old paint cans", and talking non-stop while taking on Timbits hockey and it's adorable. 

Just like Mason's first video, people are finding the four-year-old hockey star super relatable. The youtube comments on the video are full of people who really resonate with what Mason has to say, whether it's his attitude towards making friends or his desire for sandwiches. 

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Rupke, AKA Coach Jeremy or @HowToHockey on Twitter and Instagram is an Ontario based Youtuber and hockey lover. His Youtube channel, where he shares various vlogs and hockey based videos, has over 260,000 subscribers.