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Canadian Facebook Users' Private Messages Have Been Exposed To Spotify, Netflix And Even Major Banks

Reports from the New York Times reveal over 150 had access to private data.
Canadian Facebook Users' Private Messages Have Been Exposed To Spotify, Netflix And Even Major Banks

A new report published by the New York Times last night reveals that Facebook allowed 150 business to access users private data, including that of Canadians. 

The report specifically alleges that multiple businesses were allowed to access the private Facebook messages of Canadian users. Among the businesses named were Spotify, Netflix, and even major Canadian bank RBC. 

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The Times obtained hundreds of pages of Facebook documentation for their report and even conducted interviews with at least 60 people, including former Facebook employees. 

In all that information, they found that the social network made several deals with companies including Spotify, Netflix, and RBC, along with other mostly tech-based companies to allow them to access users messages. The report also found that some of the access deals began in 2010, all of them were still active in 2017, and some were ongoing this year too. 

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Since the report came out, some of the companies exposed by the New York Times have clapped back claiming they never had access to Canadian's private messages. RBC says they used Facebook's messenger platform data to develop a tool to make e-transfers on Messenger. 

Netflix has also denied reading users' private messages on Facebook, but is also being put on blast for making light of the situation. On their official Twitter account, Netflix US shared that they're not the type to slide into DMs. 

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Netflix never asked for, or accessed, anyone's private messages. We're not the type to slide into your DMs.

19 December 2018

Spotify, on the other hand, admits they had access to read messages and even previously had the ability to read messages when people shared Spotify songs on Facebook Messenger but has since disabled that function. 

Facebook has also responded to the claims stating that companies were never given access to people's private data without their consent. They also, however, said that there were deals that gave companies access but they have all since ended. 

Source: CTV News