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Canadian Firefighters In Australia Were Cheered At The Airport When They Arrived (VIDEO)

People were happy to see them.
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Canadian Firefights In Australia Were Applauded For Coming To Help With The Fires

With so much of Australia being ravaged by fires, Canada is trying to do its part to help battle the flames and stop them from spreading. People there were quick to show their appreciation for the efforts Canada is making to help their country out. Canadian firefighters in Australia were greeted with applause and cheers when they arrived to help with the fires.

It took almost 16 hours for the visiting fire specialists to get to Australia, but that long and exhausting flight was probably worth it, considering the warm welcome they received at the airport.

Joining Canadian volunteers already on the ground there, these specialists were greeted with applause and cheers from Australians at the airport after they got off their plane in Sydney.

The claps, whistles and cheers welcoming them to the country show that people are pretty grateful for workers from this country stepping up to the plate and helping.

However, despite the lighthearted arrival, there are very serious matters at hand for the specialists. 

"It's something we really have to wrap our heads around," Morgan Kehr, a senior representative of the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre, said to the CBC. "We have seen extreme fire behaviour in Canada. But not over the geographic area we are dealing with here. Or with the frequency." 

Even though they're not front-line firefighters, these specialists are still an important part of battling the blazes.

They will help with aviation, logistics, predicting the behaviour of the fires, understanding how they could grow, where they could move to and how they could be contained.

They arrived in the state of New South Wales which, according to the CBC, now has an amount of area burned that's 20 times larger than what burns in an average year.

These new arrivals join Canadians from fire services in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Yukon.

Canada has sent multiple deployments of firefighters and fire specialists to Australia throughout December and now in early January. 

According to the National Post, the first crew that left to fight the fires will return home on January 9 after 38 days down under. 

In a statement released on January 5, the nation's foreign affairs minister François-Philippe Champagne said that Canada is "prepared to provide further assistance as necessary" because of the help given by Australia when wildfires were burning here.

The fires have been ablaze in Australia since September, with land being burned, homes being destroyed and people and animals losing their lives.

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