This certainly falls into the category of Canada's most unusual jobs. The Canadian Armed Forces is hiring a hairdresser or barber to travel abroad with the Defense team. The Canadian Armed Forces hairdresser job will require travel of up to six months to Kuwait and Latvia. 

The official job title is Deployment Support Barber/Stylist. This person will be the CAF's live-in hair care expert who "shaves and trims beards and moustaches on request." Literally, that's what the job description says. This person "cuts, trims and styles hair according to customers’ preference or according to particular style" for the six-month duration of the job.

The ideal candidate must possess a high school diploma, a current CPR certificate and basic First Aid skills. They should also have "some" years of experience cutting hair, trimming beards, shaving facial hair and working in a salon.

The salary starts at $47,780 but ranges up to $52,970 CAD. Allowances, such as Foreign Service Premiums, Hardship Allowance and/or Risk Allowance, will be paid out on a monthly basis.

As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, the chosen candidate will have to undergo health, dental and psychosocial assessments. They'll also have to get their military driver's license, the DND 404. They should also be okay with performing a "non-conventional workweek". But, it's safe to say that anyone who applies for this job knows that working for the military is anything but conventional.

There are actually all kinds of CAF support jobs that civilians can apply for. The Canadian military hires Fitness, Sports, and Recreation Coordinators to organize and lead their workouts and special activities. They also hire attendants for their retail stores and assistants to coordinate travel. You can see the full list on their website.

As for the hairdresser job, the start date is TBD. But, the deadline to apply is fast approaching. Click here to see the full description of the job and submit your resume!