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Canada Geese Bully Humans For A Reason & Now’s Their Favourite Time To Do It

Here's how you can avoid defend yourself and avoid attack.
Toronto Staff Writer
Canada Geese Bully Humans For A Reason & Now’s Their Favourite Time To Do It

It's that time of year again - when an innocent trip outdoors can quickly become something of a hassle thanks to an invasion of hot-headed Canadian geese. Canadian geese attacks are especially common around this time of year. According to Geese Relief, geese typically mate from February to April. During this time they become aggressive and territorial, which can mean trouble for humans if they're perceived as a threat.

Territorial geese are known to attack people who they believe to be threats to their eggs or those in their territory. More often than not, these situations leave people running in fear from furious geese who are poised to attack.

It's gotten so bad in some places that warning signs have even been put up. The University of Manitoba cautions students and those visiting the campus of possibly aggressive geese in the area. According to Ethan Frose, a student who spoke to Globalon the matter, the geese can get pretty up close and personal sometimes.

“I was walking to grab lunch or something and then this goose walks up to me and spreads its wings, and it hisses at me. I’m like ‘back off.’ Because they get aggressive here."

"Sometimes you can just walk by them and nothing, but sometimes they’ll try to get you", he continued according to Global.

Others have had encounters with geese that aren't as threatening, but equally as annoying:

So what do you do if you find yourself in a showdown with a goose? Well, according to Barret Miller, who works for FortWhyte Alive an environmental, education and recreation centre, you should lock eyes with goose and stand your ground because in most cases the animal will back down. However, if you do make contact with the goose, Miller explained to Global that it's always best to push the animal away, instead of punching or kicking it. 

The majority of Canada geese usually become less aggressive after their eggs have hatched, which usually happens near the end of April, according to Geese Relief. 

    Patrick John Gilson
    Toronto Staff Writer
    Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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